Photographer taking shots of a Lao novice buddhist monk.

Judy Garland as Dorothy
Judy Garland as Dorothy
American beauty Miss Judy Garland was the girl who starred as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! Visit our sister website for all the resources!

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You got to see it to believe it. A tired bus driver and his assistant having a daytime nap in the luggage compartment of a VIP bus.

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Food service on board a ferry. A Lao lady enjoys a hot soap consisting of rice and meat.

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Mouth watering Lao style salad. A young girl makes a spicy cucumber salad for a customer.

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These little one-cylinder diesel engine tractors work hard in Laos. Seen more common in the countryside, they pull trailers of people and crops as well as plough the rice fields.

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A sad sight. A disabled Lao man lost one arm and leg from unexploded ordnance (UXO) left over by the USA from the Indochina War. We gave him 100,000 kip ($10 US) to brighten up his day.

Over 5,700 people are estimated to have died and 5,600 injured from left over UXO in Laos since the end of hostilities in 1975.

   Hey big fella can you grab me your nuts, I mean coconuts? Nice belly by the way, looks like you've lost 20 kilos. I'm really proud of you son.
   Hmmm, I wonder if there is enough room for another person on this bike. Let's find out, wait up kids give me a dink!
   This must be the brothel, wait this is the bra section of the Morning Market. Ops what the hell is a guy like me doing here?
   Gee wiz you scared me Mr. Savath, is that really you? Did you turn into a dog? Nice shirt by the way.
   Hello sir, we need directions. Sir, can you hear us? Sir, wake up! Grrrrr, is your life that boring?
   Ops, don't forget to keep your pants up young lady. Now she's one girl I wouldn't hesitate on what to "do" if I had the chance.
   The Laotian Olympic team's workout centre. Using Lao standard weight equipment like this, we're gonna win gold for sure buddy!
   This is Laos' first 5 Star hotel. Built on a tree so guests can see a nice view of Vientiane while having a good shag.
   Is this a Buddhist monk or a robber? Well, there's only one way to find out. Can I please inspect your bag please sir?
   Well that is definately a nice and relaxing way to have a nap. See ya later for more cool pics from good ol' Laos! :)


Say "Cheese"

Attractive Lao girl

A cup of tea with me

Traditional Lao dress

 Lao fashion model

Lao girls smile for us

Lao girl getting a hairstyle

Coconut ice-cream man

Laos has opened up to the world like a flower, and many photographers come to shoot the beauty in Laos

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